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The kids spent Friday night with Mawmaw, David went to bed early, and I made the decision to wait until Saturday to take my Avonex injection.

I pulled an all-nighter to get ready for the craft fair (note to self: officially too old for that nonsense). I had a great day at the craft fair with Ashley, despite losing $14. She made $13. It was a very slow day. A few other sellers came by to chat, regulars on the local circuit, and agreed. Ashley and I set up at two local craft shows two years ago and a lot of friends and family bought from us, plus strangers (both were a lot busier. We both expected a decent turnout at this one because it was in Beckley, but nope). Currently no more craft shows planned this year, but that could change. This one was a very last minute/rushed decision. I'm going to keep making pet toys, just in case. I churned out a ton of small cat toys (felt fortune cookies, tiny mice, fish, and "rattle" snakes that jingled). Next time I would like to have dog toys, too (fleece tug toys, stuffed bones with and without squeakers), and more cat toy variety (birds, felt feathers, and fishing poles).

I'm still exhausted, despite catching up on my inject and lost sleep last night, but it's been a good weekend.

Now I'm going to rush to plan Lily's belated birthday party this upcoming weekend, invite a few close friends and family members, and then I'm going to get creative and start making stuff for fun. I have a few projects in work for friends, my kids want plushies (they love everything I make. :) Talk about an ego boost!!!), and yeah.

My stepfather mentioned coming over this week to help finish the cat towers (one for us, one for his mother). I put them on an indefinite-but-finished-by-Christmas hiatus when life went haywire at the end of summer. He's trying to get the bottom room finished by the holidays... both downstairs and upstairs are so close to being finished. Spring will make four years. The stress has been a huge strain on David this year, we're both beyond ready to have it finished.

...winter weather is here, boo. My fingers and toes ache? Random, but okay.

David starts night shift tonight, so I'm excited to get the kids in bed, see him off to work, go over my fic, and catch up on my NaNo wordcount. Or play Hearthstone, or cut out pattern pieces, or whatever random thing I decide to do when I sit down to enjoy my two hours of silence* tonight.

(* silence is subjective, depending on whether the kids stay asleep. Last night Trent was up 8 different times, puking)

I'm worn out, the house is a mess, but I feel good. It doesn't get any better than this.
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